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I am currently employed as a post-doc researcher to study human cooperation. In specific, I try to understand the difference in behavioural strategies adopted by Chinese people versus those adopted by westerners. I do this at the Kunming Institute of Zoology and at the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, China.

Most of this work is experimental. I implement game theoretical models on students who take part in these strategy games in computer labs. The subjects are asked to play with various opponents with the incentive of earning some pocket money. So far we implemented the prisoner's dilemma game and the public good game.

The first paper I published is about the gender gap found in the patriarchal Chinese society. Differently from most previously literature from Western Educated Industrial Rich and Democratic, in this part of China women cooperate at lower levels than men.
The second experiment finds a positive effect when poorer and richer social classes can freely engage in economic exchanges. The title is "Asymmetric use of punishment in segregated societies leads to an unequal distribution of wealth".
Finally, I found unexpectedly cooperation behaviour of Chinese people when asked to invest into a public good, namely into fighting climate change.